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Sigmadrive Highlights

  • AC - PMS - SEM -4QPM - Series
  • Single motor
  • Dual motor proportional
  • Single pump
  • Dual pump (main and steering)
  • CANBUS - Can open level 2
  • Flash memory











Speed controllers

for AC & PMS motors


Speed controllers



Speed controllers

for PM motors













  Compact DC DC Coneverter

Accelerator pedals


Hand controllers


DC-DC Coverters

300, 450 & 900 Watt



G-Force   10mm² up to 70mm² - other sizes/colors in request   WA-Chargers

Impact & monitor &

authorisation systems

  Super flexible power cable  

WA Battery chargers







BDI   sw201   Voltapower-HF-Charger

Battery Discharge


  Heavy duty contactors  

HF Battery Chargers

Welcome to DMC

We offer motor speed controllers for battery driven applications in all common motor variants. This can be single or dual / multiple traction, single or dual pump and powersteer motors.
A few examples of possible applications are: Golf cars, stackers, walkies, forklifts, boom- and scissorlifts, hybrid cars, and industrial applications.
Our designs are very flexible and customer focused. If required we also do special custom designs.
The Sigmadrive range is designed by DMC and reflects the quality that can be expected of automated controller production.

For the ease of customer support we published product information and controller manuals and at a later stage even the controller software flash files. This enables our customers to update their controllers when new features are released.

For inquiries and technical support contact our German office (see contact) or one of our local partners.

DMC Philosophy - Introduction

DMC (Digital Motor Control) GmbH, is a company with a dedicated team of individuals with many years’ experience in the design, manufacture, sales and aftermarket support of controllers predominately utilised in the electric vehicle industry. The Company has been formed with enthusiasm and professionalism to create and develop unique products for this particular "niche" industry where specialist knowledge and experience are essential for success.

A full range of associated accessories and support infrastructure completes the DMC service. To conclude, a fusion of creative thinking, collective experience and latest state of the art technology, has produced what we believe to be the most flexible and thermally advanced controller ranges available in the market place to date.

Next Generation: The SuperSigma2 Controller Range

After the success of the Sigmadrive controller range, DMC has developed a new controller range, specially designed to control AC induction and PMAC (PMS) motors, running on nominal battery voltages in the range of 24V up to 120V, at nominal powers up to 30kW and peak powers up to 60kW.

The power board design fundamentals are similar to the previous Sigmadrive design, combining superior heat sinking of components and connections with unmatched vibration protection. The mechanical design is improved to IP65 and we incorporated the industry standard 35 way AMP-seal connector.

Nonetheless we had to leave the single PCB design philosophy in favour of a separate logic PCB to utilise state of the Art 32bit microcontroller technology that enables us to offer features required for today’s vehicle control. A completely new motor control module is introduced, using flux vector motor control for both AC induction and PMAC.

New Features on SuperSigma2 are for example fully automated tuning of AC induction motors without the need for manual fine tuning or using a PC. The advanced auto tuning algorithms allow motor tuning even if the motor is installed on the vehicle. Just entering  the motor name plate data into the controller tuning menu is enough to obtain optimal tuning results. Even when the motor name plate data is unknown it is possible to get the system running smoothly!

On PMAC we introduce automated motor sensor setup for 8bit sin/cos absolute position encoders and hall sensors, which significantly eases the production of PMAC motors, eliminating the costly need for adjusting sensor offsets.

Vehicle constructers now have the choice to use control via CAN or use the flexibility of software selectable active high or active low inputs. Optimized interfacing with battery management systems completes the SuperSigma2 controller range, allowing limiting battery current,  especially useful for vehicles using Lithium batteries.

Sigmadrive Controller Range

The first generation of DMC controllers, today known as the ‘Sigmadrive controller range’ was designed in the year 2000. Utilising revolutionary power heat sinking technology called IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) a new generation of highly efficient controllers for all popular motor types is offered from a single core design, in the 24V - 96V, 1KW - 24KW power range.  Using 'flash memory' in the control electronics coupled with a unique design architecture, all powers and motor types including AC, PMS (PMAC), SEM, PM4 and Series, can be accommodated within 3 standard power frames. Particular attention has been placed on providing high-resolution control circuitry and software, to provide fully optimised, highly efficient motor control.

The principle advantage of IMS technology (which can be visualised as a metal PCB) is that cost effective SMD Mosfet power devices can be mounted and soldered directly onto the IMS PCB, which provides immediate and excellent 'integral' heat sinking. Consequently,  reliability and efficiency are significantly enhanced due to the power switching devices running cooler and therefore inherently more efficiently. This approach also leads to significantly improved continuous power delivery (1 hour current rating), as a ratio to peak power, with the controllers continuous rating normally being one of the most important aspects in determining the vehicles performance.

By using an innovative patented technique, DMC has fully exploited IMS technology to realise a unique controller design. The construction provides manufacturing simplicity and reliability by removing the need for any interconnections and using a minimal number of mechanical and electronic components. This gives a totally robust and environmentally sealed, space efficient controller.


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